Their heart rates and blood pressures began to climb. Chuang hypothesizes that essential oils act as a stress reliever because of their overall interaction with the body through the olfactory system and absorption in the skin. Once in the body, a signal makes it way to the limbic system, the brain, telling it to relax..

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Wildfires tend to attract spectators, including drone pilots who can use their devices to capture stunning aerial footage from a unique perspective. Recorded 20 incidents in which drones flew too close to wildfires last year, with more than half hindering firefighting efforts. It has happened again at least nine times so far this year..

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Cultural events have been a part of things as well. An outdoor stage in the rear garden has hosted several plays over the years featuring the popular Shakespeare in the Hood theater troupe. Resident artist Tomye Neal Madison curates art shows and encourages local individuals from the neighborhood to tap into their creativity and attend classes at the center.